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Recent Commission - 2023

Title : Brickyard Cove - commission

Size:  42" x 26" 

Medium : oil on canvas

Many thanks to the purchaser who waited a year to get her final painting and she felt it was better than she expected 


" I am feel so fortunate I came to your art open house last year and met you and your previous painting of Brickyard Bay.   I have waited a long time for this painting…  "

Graphite Drawings - 2023

Recent Works​   2023

I decided to work with graphite as I always loved graphite and what better than my love of ferns . I am use to working in colour but black and white is classic and so I am working on a few smaller pieces right now

Title: Undergrowth
Size: 10.5” x 10.5”
Medium : graphite


Title: Ferns
Size: 9” x 17”
Medium : graphite

Metal Point Drawings 2023 

maidenhair fern #1.JPG

Maidenhair fern - stage 1

Maidenhair fern - stage 2
( almost complete)


TITLE:   Current Over Rocks
MEDIUM : Goldpoint & silverpoint
SIZE: 8" x 16"
( almost complete)

This is a very time consuming and laborious process and can take hours and hours 

Recent Paintings - in Progress 2023

BATTLING SURGE ( 60_ X30_).jpeg

Well I think this painting is completed , but every so often I think , hmmm should I alter this , but I am pretty sure it is now done - it was started in July of 2022


TITLE:   Battling Surge

SIZE:     60" x 30" 

PRICE:   $2495.00 ( SOLD)


The  main idea of this painting came from a winter day where the sun was low in the sky and the waves were hidden in shadows with sunlight streaming through the trees to reflect off certain sections of the waves 


Well here is Stage 1 and Stage 2 of my most recent painting and it was started in June of 2023 and while it was almost completed for the Studio Tour Sans Pareil / Parksville , I had many who thought it was done , but no I had some final details to put in .


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