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If you did not get a chance to see me during the Studio Tour in July then now you have the opportunity  throughout August and September to see some of my ocean themed paintings at the Qualicum Art Supply and Gallery

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 6.20.03 PM.png
arrowsmithspring2023-4x6postcard-finaljan20 (1).jpg
Depths of the Sea - 30_x 42_ diptych  ( Larry Stuart).jpg

Title:   Depths of the Sea 

Size:  30" x 42 " 

Medium :   oil on canvas

Come see my painting  from April 4  - 30, 2023  Below is a painting inspired by the waters around this island that I have submitted to the show. Come and see the many other unique artworks at the show 

Come see " ArtSplash" from March 17  - 25, 2023  Below is a painting that I have submitted and hope you enjoy it and the many other unique artworks at the show 

Which Direction.JPG

 Title:  " Which Direction"

Medium : oil on canvas

Size  :  36" x 22" 


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