Works  photographed as they progress

I am working on a newer painting of trees and going to put finishing touches on my large wave painting shown here on works in progress

There is so much to see and do and not enough time :)


Stage One of painting 

tree stage 2.JPG

Stage 2 of painting

Tree Study on Beach

I have been on the beach and in the Rathtrevor Park forest and always walk thru these trees in the morning and study how the morning light hits the trees in patches and decided I want to paint it but like my studies of some of the local rock formations - I am working with colours  ( more than what is actually there )


Portrait Study in goldpoint

This is a portrait I started of my dog " Beau " and it is in gold point   ( a method used by the Masters such as Da Vinci etc, prior to the invention of the pencil. Metal point is very subtle as you cannot get the strong contrasts you can achieve in  graphite but it is very nice to work with and it creates very fine work 


Finished Portrait


Impressionist sunset here on the coast 

I was inspired by another artist on the internet who added me to his twitter account . I so admire his style that I wanted to emirate and impressionistic style in a photo I had taken  near me on the coast . I did not wish to create another " cheesey" sunset and I am thinking this is working 

Study of the light reflections in the shallow ocean waters

I  go  walking daily here on the coast and was mesmerized by the way the light fractures and moves in the water as the waves com into shore , so I was studying them and love how they are real images but yet abstract at the same time - i am getting ideas on doing diptychs of these similar to my wave / cloud pictures