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About Larry Stuart

Prior to an early  retirement /move to Vancouver Island in 2014,  I was doing my artwork, just not to the extent I am now,  as I had moved a disabled family member in with me and I was  the chief caregiver . The last 2 years , however, I have been able to devote more  time to my passion of creating .  Gardening , painting and drawing are cleansing to my soul .


I awake every day making my way thru the day looking for that which the average person does not see - I want the viewer to see that which has inspired me.  I create because it is in my nature just as breathing is - I want , I must and I have to CREATE . The process of developing a painting  for me is one based on intuition  .  When I begin to work , I will generally have a photo- it is then I roughly sketch in graphite and colour washes in order to lose all the white areas  . It is the evolving shapes / forms made from the large brush marks  that eventually develop in front of me -  that  begin  to separate  any resemblance between the photo and the  actual canvas .  I do not seek deep meanings into my works  or wish for the viewer to understand , simply enjoy the final outcome .


“ Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.“  Claude Monet 


I am always searching for images / ideas, looking for the contrasts , the play of light and shadows on objects or the play of one colour against another . It can be the arrangement of the pebbles on the beach or a rocky outcrop stretching into the sea or  tonal values  in a wave . I  only want to show the way in which  I see the world around me  as any artist will do  .  DON’T pass by what many deem as “ ordinary “ - STOP , WITNESS AND APPRECIATE the intricacies of the movement of light and colour in

the simplest of things …… a group of pebbles on the beach .

If you come across a piece of art which resonates with you - feel free to contact me ; I am open to placing artwork " on hold " if I  am given minimum 25% down and we can work out your payment plan to something which will suit you .  I am open to visits by appointment .

Thanks for checking into my artwork and note that I am  also on facebook 



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